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Back from DAC 2007

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

It has been a while since I’ve been able to write. I’ve been up to my elbows in preparation for DAC (Design Automation Conference).

DAC had a low turn out this year, but still was fairly productive. I gave several demos (15-20) of the OMCs (Open Modeling Coalition) OpenAccess timing plug-in that I’ve been working on for the last few months. I was fortunate to give a majority of the demos to engineers rather than manager types, so I explained a lot of the technical details which I am more comfortable with anyway.

Of coarse DAC is not DAC without the Denali party. JL Gray was kind enough to blog about the party and provide a little more insight into the future of DAC as well as post some photos of the party. I was fortunate to have a full pass this year so I was also able to attend the Wednesday night DAC party as well, which was just as well attended as the Denali party but only ran until 10:00PM.

I had a great room at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, just a block or so from the convention center. There were some absolutely amazing views of the harbor from the Top of the Hyatt bar on the 40th floor.

I drove to Hollywood on Friday and spent the weekend there. I stayed at a friends apartment that sit directly underneath the famous Hollywood sign. I didn’t get a lot of site seeing in as I really didn’t want to drive that much, but I walk Hollywood Boulevard, and see some interesting sites such as Mann’s Chinese Theater (now Grauman’s) and all of the hand and foot prints, Miceli’s, Pig ‘N Wistle, and of course Frederick’s of Hollywood.

My ex-wife and daughter flew into San Diego on Monday and we spent the week vacationing. My daughters favorite attraction was Legoland. I actually was pretty impressed by the park as well. It is very family oriented, clean and well maintained. We also were able to visit The San Diego Zoo and Sea World. I had never been to Coronado Island in my trips to San Diego but Imperial Beach was suggested to me by one of the locals. A very nice and clean beach, though the public restrooms could use a make over. We also got the chance to eat at the Kansas City Barbeque, this bar was featured in the movie Top Gun, and in general is a pretty cool place to visit.

All in all it was a good two weeks. The only real problem I had was with flight delays. Now that DAC is over I will have a little more free time to blog and promote DZone. I also have more OpenOffice ODF (Open Document Format) articles on the way. I’ll be posting pictures from the trip later in the week.

Until next time.


Court Ruling Confirms Synopsys’ Ownership of Fixed Timing Inventions

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Synopsys reports that the United States District Court has ordered Magma to withdraw its claim of ownership to the ‘446 and ‘438 patents and to transfer title to Synopsys.

“This ruling confirms what we’ve been saying all along. Magma has no ownership interest in any of the fixed timing inventions at the core of our claims in this case,” said Brian Cabrera, Synopsys general counsel. “We look forward to proceeding with the balance of the case after the court issues its ruling in the ownership phase.”

However, Magma is reporting that  the court’s decision denied Synopsys’ requests to halt the re-examination process of the ‘438 patent.

“Synopsys proposed remedies to the court that would have stood in the way of the patent office’s re-examination of the patents, but the remedy in today’s ruling permits the re-examination process to continue on its normal schedule,” said David Stanley, Magma’s corporate vice president, Corporate Affairs. “The discovery process has revealed that the patents in question are likely invalid, so Synopsys’ claims of infringement have no merit.”