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The iPhone: Crack for Geeks

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

I actually tried to start this post from my new iPhone, but apparently there are a few problems with the WordPress editor running on the device.

I was in a day long conference today. My iPhone usage (as recorded by the usage meter on the iPhone itself) is at almost 6 hours since the last full charge (this morning). I did a supplementary charge this evening for about 1 hour while I was giving demos on my laptop. But, all in all, I spent most of the day emailing, surfing and talking. Now this was a little difficult because I was attending a conference and had to attend to my commitments there as well. But every chance I had to check the latest baseball scores or my email, I was pulling out the iPhone. I even made or took half a dozen phone calls.

I am admittedly a computer geek, but in the past have found myself in situations were I was unable to use a computer effectively. Things like being in a conference without a solid internet connection or on a plane for 3 hours limited my access to either real time or interesting content. The iPhone has practically eliminated this gap. Even on the plane trip to San Jose, I was able to shut the iPhone off and still listen to hours of podcast from ESPN and NASA. Speaking of which, leading up to my most recent trip, I downloaded nearly 8 gigabytes of podcast to listen to and/or watch. While this will be more than enough to keep me entertained for the next month, I was able to hit the capacity limit for my iPhone much sooner than I ever thought I would.

What do I find wrong with the iPhone? First, the volume. With my last phone I could hear it ring, (and my co-workers as well) from three states away. That is saying alot since I live in Texas not Rhode Island or Connecticut where the distance between states is approximately the distance between my home and my work, but more like a 2 hour plane ride. This probably makes my co-workers happy, but I tend to miss more calls on my new iPhone, unless I’m actively using it and the call interrupts my current action. (Does anyone know of a hack to increase the ring volume on the iPhone?) The second major problem with the iPhone is the lack of Flash ability. There are several web applications I use that are flash based. I have to wait to get to my laptop to check these type of apps.

Well, all in all, this was probably my most arsine post, but I felt I need a little venting and so… I will write a few more post regarding specific detail regarding the iPhone at a later date. I just needed a seg way for those post. This is it … I guess. Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.

Until next time….