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For Alex and Mike on the Passing of Erik’s Linkblog

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

A few bloggers are lamenting about the passing of Erik’s Linkblog. So Alex and Mike I give you a some reprieve and offer this bit of code you can insert into your own blog. While it is not Erik’s link blog, at least you can get your fix of daily Java articles.

<script language=”JavaScript” src=”″ type=”text/javascript”></script>

You can also customize this script at

You may also notice that Erik included a similar script in his page that displays all of the current stories from DZone.

Java Links

Introducing DZone 2.0

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

After months of development we are proud to introduce DZone 2.0. There are many new features in this our first large scale site update. Among the first new features you might notice is the ability to vote a story up or down. What might not be as obvious about this feature is that you can actually change your vote or remove it all together. We’ve altered the layout as well, the default layout is what we have dubbed our “Reader” theme. Try scrolling to the bottom of the article list. You should notice that it will continue to add items to the end of the list, thus eliminating the need to navigate multiple pages of articles.

We’ve also added new ways for you to bookmark and share links. You can now save a link, share a link or email a link. These options are available on both the main listing and individual article summaries. Saved links are your own personal collection of links that you may wish to refer to in the future. Shared links are links that you may wish to share publicly with others, they are both viewable through your profile page as well as through a RSS feed. Emailing links provides a quick way to email a link to a friend or group of friends.

DZone now allows OpenID logins. Though users logged in under a OpenID will have certain restrictions, they will be able to interact with most of the site including voting and commenting.

A few more features quickly:

  1. New larger hi-res avatars up to 80×80 pixels may be uploaded and used now.
  2. Queue voting available in the mini view.
  3. Improved Spy feature

I’ll be covering all of these features in more detail this week on the official DZone blog. For now, again, welcome to DZone 2.0.