Hello, my name is Stacy Doss. Now before you go asking questions, Yes, it is a male name as well. I have been a programmer of some sort or another since the early 80’s. This passion lead to my Computer Science degree from Texas A&M University — Gig’em Ags! I’ve had a variety of positions over the years, from working on the OS/2 project, to the development of AMD’s K7, or as you may know it Athalon, to Open Source advocacy in the EDA and semiconductor industry, I have even tried my hand at my own consulting business.

I fill my spare time with many endeavors. Besides writing for 3Monkeys, I contribute to various other sites as well, most of which are listed in the sidebar under Web Presence. I am a very active supporter of Open Source and Linux endeavors. You may also recognize my screen name on various social networking sites such as digg, Netscape and DZone.

The love of my life is my darling daughter, Guinevere. It truly amazes me how quickly she picks up on things. She is now solving Suduko puzzles at the age of seven. She does not like to talk on the phone these days, something I will surely remind her of in the near future.

As far as hobbies go, I am pretty simple. I have three fish, Pleco, never got around to giving him a real name; Tripper, a Jack Dempsey, and Felix, a Tiger Oscar. I have a Science Fiction/Fantasy book collection of well over 2500 books, and a coffee cup collection with over 75 mugs from around the world.

See you out there.


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